About Us

Product freshness, good quality and taste have always been the priority in the farm’s production. We use all our expertise to be able to guarantee the first class quality of products and customer satisfaction.

The early stages of our farm date back already to the 15th century when the drying process and making fields to arable was started by Pastor Brenner of Isokyrö congregation. Nowadays, our strawberry fields are situated on these fields. There are long traditions of being farmers and selling products on Farmer’s Market, as already both the host and the hostess and already grandparents and parents have been farmers and been selling strawberries, new potatoes and vegetables at armer’s Market. So, there are long traditions producing local food. At the farm was earlier produced also milk and grain. The farm has always cherished and respected nature with a good agricultural practice.

Why Choose Us?

You can feel the difference already in the taste ! Our products are always fresh and the taste is excellent. So many of our customers have already noted this themselves. Because of local farming our products are first-class, transport distances are short and the carbon footprint is small.

We also support local youth employment by providing them jobs. For many young people working on our farm is also their first job.

Our berries are grown with years of experience, using the most natural methods like bee pollination, biological control of pest mites and clean water. All our berries grow in a clean ideal growth environment, producing you tasty and safe products.