Polka has been for years the most popular variety, it has a good winter endurance. The origin of this variety is Holland. Berries are either big or medium size, round or conical. The colour is strong red, the berry is firm and the taste is fresh sweet.


Honeoye opens the delicious strawberry summer, it is ripe before Polka. The berries are big and conical, bright or dark red. The taste is slightly sour, enjoyable and juicy.


Sonata is ripe a couple of days before Polka. Bright red berries are big and keep their size well during the whole season. The berries are sweet and firm from the structure.


A new Dutch early variety, which is ripe at the same time with Honeoye. The berries are deep red and the surface of the berry is shiny and beautiful. The taste and endurance of the berry is good.


Florence is the latest variety. The berries are bright or dark red and shiny. The pulp ist firm and the berries have an excellent endurance. The taste is good.


Salsa is a new later variety. The berries are big, bright red and the taste is good.